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The most disgusting place

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Last holiday,my father wanted to change the location of the vacation,so we went to visit someone
together with some friends of ours.I was very exited and I couldn't wait to go,but,unfortunately,the visit didn't meet my expectations.
Well,the most disgusting place I've ever saw was the house where we were in that moment.
From the outside the house was painted in pink,small and seem tidy.I really liked the garden.It had every kinds of plants which remembered me of childhood.
The interior of the house shoked me in a negative way.
The house was small with many rooms of which two weren't used.The floor was so old that some pieces of it were missing and were covered by a very dirty and old carpet.The windows were very small,in shape of circle and one of them was broken being hidden by a piece a cloth.The walls were turquise.It had a mold smell and I felt very unconfortable in that house.
One above the other,even if the house wasn't so welcoming,I felt glad and joyful in the presence of the host,but it disgusted me as well.



Hello stranger! (I would really really like to know what the other person is talking about and what is the connection with your subject, but whatever the fly geyser seems to be fun.) I know how is it to be frightened by a house. I once had the occasion to visit someone like this.  :x  She is poor, but she doesn't seem to be that kind of dirty poor person, but when I saw her home I changed my mind. She lives in the countryside and she didn't have a floor at all: we were walking on mud. What was kind of nice is that she had dogs and cats and they seemed to be happy and they had a lot of food.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting place