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An admirable person

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Lately, I'm more careful about the details and in some situations I take as model a person I've always admired. I'm talking about my cousin Tatiana. The way she has managed to do so many things out of nothing proves perseverance and courage. She is from Galati. Now she's 25 years old, but despite the age difference we've been getting along well since we were younger. Always when she came to our country grandmother and spend our summer days together, she was open to me, she did not ignore me, she taught me new things, she was playing with me, sometimes we were watching movies, I was talking about all kinds of things until late at night and I can say she had an important role in my childhood.
She looks like Snow White: she has black hair, small brown eyes and  probably because she has been wearing glasses since she was young, her skin is extremely white, so she has very fine features. She is an extremely good and attentive person. She has a very well-defined personality and her presence is interesting. She knows a lot of things and this has fascinated me since I was little and I asked her various questions that always got answers.
Another detail I can not miss when it comes to her is the fact that, despite the financial situation of her parents, which is not extraordinary, she worked hard at school, she graduated from the college of nursery, and now works in a hospital in Leicester, UK. I think she deserves everything she has right now, and I hope she will do what she planed. Now she is busy, but when I talk to her, she gives advice and help me with some problems that occur in my life. We all love her, we appreciate her and admire her for what she is and what she does.



Hello, stranger! It's nice to know that people can still find role models in those around them, not only celebrities. People nowdays tend to find role models in mass media's peusdo stars. I also have role models in my family and I am truly thankful for that. One of my uncles is that kind of free and always positive person. He worked hard to become someone worth talking about, but also he is a humble and simple person. He adores simple things and is passionted about photography, traveling and foreign languages. I wish I will become such a happy person as he is.  ;)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » An admirable person