Dear diary, today is the most beautiful day in my life, because today, October 5, 2017, my mother gave birth to my sister Andreea. I can not wait to see her, play with her even though I'm not going to feel her presence until she's three years old.

The funniest one seems to me that my mother asked me how I want to call my sister, and I said Anastasia, and then, she says, "Andreea .... will call her," and I was something like "..."But that's it, Andreea or Anastasia, SHE IS ALL MY SISTER.

What's really super annoying  ... when I'm out of town, but guess what, you can not do .... because you have to stay with that little thing that is crying constantly.But after all, she's my sister. Wait, wait for her to be in the 8th grade and make jokes about her as she has an exam. I'm a wonderful sister.
When I think that when I am between 6-11 years ...... I will have to go out with her through the city .. I can not wait :)

It's a little weird to have a sister now, meaning it's a 14-year difference. But it's OK

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