The world is filled with unusual places that make us wonder how they appear or who built them. For me the most unusual place in the world is Egypt, because it is a place full of mysteries. The most mysterious things in Egypt are the pyramids, many of them having interesting and mysterious legends. Starting with the height and construction mode and ending with the legend that accompanies them, pyramids are certainly the most unusual and unaccountable construction in the world.
                One of the most unusual pyramids is the Bent Pyramid which is located in Dahshur, about 40 km from Cairo. It is one of the most unusual pyramids in Egypt. It rises to an angle of 55 degrees and suddenly changes its inclination to 43 degrees. Why? No one knows exactly. However, according to one of the theories, the Egyptians wanted, after the construction began, the passages and the narrower rooms, which is why the angle was changed. The access to the pyramid is through a 80-meter long tunnel and inside, passing through a labyrinth of tunnels, tourists can visit several rooms, each with its own story and specificity. The ancient Egyptians were special architects, since in Egypt there are today, among many other remarkable buildings, the largest stone monument on Earth - the Pyramid of Kheops. Moreover, the complexity of these monuments, difficult to reproduce even now, with all modern techniques, raises great questions on their authors, other theories that some of the pyramids are older than official history says, and that were built during the pharaohs .
              There are probably many other explanations, but we will never know the truth, and there are many other questions that we will never be able to find answers to, that's why Egypt is one of the most unusual places in the world.
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