Dear Madam Mary Johns,

My friends and I recently went to your Bistro Moo restaurant on 10 th of December 2017. I was excited because your restaurant has a reputation for good service and excellent food. However this wasn't my experience on that day. I made a reservation 10 days in advance for dinner at seven. I was celebrating my 21 st anniversary. When we arrived at the restaurant our table wasn't ready and we had to wait 20 minutes in a snug. Then we were seated at a table where it was so much smoke, nearly the kitchen, because there was not any other available.

When we were finally ready to order the waiter ignored us, and we waited another 15 minutes for him to come. Also, we had to wait 1 hour to be served and after that the waiter came and obliged us to change our minds and ask for something else because there was no pizza left. Besides, the waiter was so rude with us and when I asked to meet the manager there was no response.

When the food came, I was disappointed because I was expecting something else, the meat looked so bad and that ruin our appetite.

In conclusion, I hope that in the future you will repair these mistakes and watch your employees to do their work correctly.

                                                                             Yours faithfully, Justin Bieber.

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