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Long distance relationships

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About relationships it is spoken everywhere today: on TV, on the Internet, in newspaper and magazines, being a current and delicate subject, considering the way people today relate to relationships. In my opinion, having a relationship is one of the most beautiful things, but when external factors occur, like distance, things are not so pink anymore for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, it is very hard to keep a relationship at distance with the loved one, no matter how many compromises and sacrifices you would do each one. Nowadays, we are tempted .....by..... always try something new and no matter how much we love someone, when we become accustomed to his absence, we think will never find out if we are going to straw. For example, a relationship at distance it also implies a poor communication and the weaker part of ...a... relationship will be tem....p..ted to make mistakes, even if he/she .....does... not want this.
     Secondly, the distance also presupposes a privation of certain things which we were accustomed to doing day by day with our dear person. When we will dishabituate of those things, which .....we..... were accustomed to doing ”in two”, you will hurt and at the moment in which we will be... missed, we will seek something closer to our soul.
     Admittedly, distance can be a positive factor, because it is the best way to avoid monotony in a relationship, reviewing with your loved one after a long time representing a moment when we feel how much we love our partner. However, this is not quite a solid argument, to be able to agree with distance, because this break up 80% of couples.
     In conclusion, considering the arguments presented, I don`t think long distance relationships  because  we will always want to be close to our dear person, to spend wonderful moments, to create memorable memories. A relationship is built in time, both partners needing affection and safety.

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     I totally agree with what you have highlighted in the "admittedly" paragraph about avoiding monotony in the couple. From my own experience, spending a lot of time with someone leads to constant quarrels, loss of interest towards the other, and even the desire for separation.
     It is good for couples to experience distance from time to time because new discussion topics may arise and they may even value moments together more.  :love:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Long distance relationships