Four years ago, I went with my parents on a party in Brasov. Everything was perfect, the music was relaxed, the food was delicious and the atmosphere was pleasant when suddenly, I met a strange girl at the table who was near to us.
..At.. first , I beli.e..ved that she was nice and friendly, but after a period of time, I discovered that she had a bad behaviour. She threw the napkins at humans and she stole the waiter’s money, but her mum found it and she gave it back. Everyone was shocked about that girl, because she acted like a noisy boy. I tried to talk with her and she told me some horrible things.
  When she was little, her mum dressed her in black clothes, she didn’t like to have dolls because she broke their necks. In kindergarden no one wanted to stay with her even if she looked pretty and adorable:she had blue and bright eyes,white skin and dark hair. She ate other people packet lunch....... , she lied .to.. her teacher and she didn’t want to sleep in the afternoon. Her parents were really disap.p..ointed, they belie...ved that she had been haveing an emotional breakdown. At school, she was in th...e same situation. She took bad grades at history, maths and ruomanian. The teacher wanted be expelled this girl because she was fighting with boys in, she acted miserable. She wished to have more friends, but nobody trusted her, they didn’t wish to have a friend like her.
   I was so scared when I heard these things about her life. I tried to give .her.. some advice about how to be a normal girl, but she screamed at me. She was completely insensitive, I couldn’t understand her. Every time I go to Brasov, I avoid the ’’Hunter’’ restaurant because in that place I met this stupid girl.

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