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Driving a car as a teenager

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Our society makes us, the teenagers, feel like we have to have a lot of accomplishments by the age we become adults. So, things ........ as getting our driving license or moving out are not rarely seen because we want and we are expected to be independent, to be the persons that leads our lives. But ...... those accomplishments truly mean that we are independent and mature or it's[inversiune] just an illusion that tricks us into believing that? In my opinion, driving a car as soon as we face the adult life shouldn't be our first goal because that is not a sign of maturity and financial independence.
Firstly, almost all young adults of 18 years old still live with their parents and depend financially on them. So, everything they have is just the result of their parents' work, including the car and the costs for getting the driver license. If they want to look more independent in the eyes of friends or even relatives, they should try other methods to be like that, such as getting a job, moving out and trying to support themselves alone.
Secondly, driving a car implies a lot of attention and care, things that a lot of persons lack, especially teenagers, who get distracted by everything and can't focus on something a long time. Also, a lot of them are careless and think they can't  have an accident or to get wounded. So it's better to wait a couple of years until they become full-grown-ups, until they start to think and to act like adults.
Admittedly, driving a car as a teenager can be a good thing too in the sense that it teaches the new driver how to be responsible and how to take risks and to assume .........  ...[responsabilitatea pentru] their deeds in case of an accident.
In conclusion, driving a car shouldn't be the first goal for a teenager who still depends financially on their parents because that won't make him be more independent. Also, driving a car can be quite difficult when you are young, even if it helps you become more responsible because you can be distracted very easy.... and you have much more chances to be implied in an accident.

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Hello, dear! Driving a car as a teenager is truly a thing worth to talk about. I'm also not a fan of driving and I also think that this is not something that makes you more mature. Maturity doesn't come with a driving licence, but with some values that the person needs to follow in order to finish their path in life. However, nowdays driving a car is a must for teenagers. Well, it is true that the world we live in makes us want to live more comfortably, but we also should be aware of the risks we take when we try to get maturity from such a dangerous things as driving. I liked your composition a lot. Keep on writing!  :writing:  ^^


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Driving a car as a teenager