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Strange place

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For the past couple of days, I've been having a weird dream about this unusual place over and over again.
    All I can remember is being in an empty store, sitting on one of those big couches, and when i stand up to look around, i wake up in this this huge empty gray hall lighted by compact fluorescent lights on the ceiling that is like twenty meters above the floor. I can only hear my echo and i try to look around but i don't see anything.
    The floor is very shiny and slippery and i am about to fall, when I turn around and I see this big wedding arch of white roses up a couple of stairs covered by a carpet, and I know that a wedding is about to take place.
    The bride and groom to be are people that I know, and I remember feeling very confuse... and frustrated because I don't know why my subconsciousness would consider this a relevant situation.
    The groom and the bride are about to show up, when suddenly music starts to play so loud that the light bulbs break, so I cover up my ears and this ... when i wake up every time.
    Now this place might be very strange, but the worst thing about it is that I keep going back even if i don't want to.

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Hello, stranger! It is said that is better to sleep less and dream more. Night dreams are signs that your subconsciousness try to tell you. Dreams often show something that you want, but you can't accept it. I also think dreams have meaning. My great grandmother used to have a traditional book that talked about dreams meanings and I used to read it when I had strange dreams. If I would still have that book maybe I could tell you what a wedding means.  :D



Our subconscious is certainly a very unusual place. Most of the time we ask why the subconscious generates all sorts of dreams and what is their meaning, but nobody can explain this to us because the only ones who know the answer are ourselves, even if we are not aware of it. As for your dream, there may be many reasons you have it, but one very likely is probably because you looked at too many movies.  :)

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Strange place