People from Eastern Europe are always trying to emigrate into the West, or even towards the North, because of promises of riches and happiness. Should teachers here, in Romania, encourage their students to persevere in hopes of emigrating, or would it be better if our brightest minds stayed at home?

On the one hand, the benefits of emigrating are clear from an individualist perspective. For the individual that leaves national soil to study or to work in countries like the UK, France, Germany, this can prove life-changing. The person in question is able to live a better life and have access to better services all-around, as well as earning more using what they learned.

On the other hand, emigration has already proven fatal for Romania. So many young adults have left for countries such as Italy, and that has led to the downfall of the economy. Romania is currently lacking a strong, young workforce and if the educational system were to encourage children leaving to study or to work in Western Europe, it could have unforeseen consequences for the future of the country.

To sum up, while mass emigration has already caused problems for the country of Romania, it is beneficial for the individual, providing them with a shot at a much better life. In the end, we need to decide if these changes are worth risking the economy of our entire country. If Romania were to step up and become a country similar like the ones Romanians emigrate to, they would have no reason to leave.