Although in the past few years, some parents have chosen private schools for their children, the majority of education in our country is still public and, therefore, free. There is little information as to the studentís performance in the two systems, since they are so different, so it is hard to determine whether schools would be run more effectively if privatised.
On the one hand, having more money that comes directly from the parents would force the school to cater more to the needs of the children. Knowing that the institutionís funding comes directly out of their pocket, parents would most likely want their childrenís needs to be put first and would probably object in some way if their children were to be mistreated, which hardly happens in public schools, especially as the students grow older. Also, teachers and staff would be more motivated to properly care for the studentís education and well-being at the same time.
On the other hand, making all schools private could become an issue for less wealthy families. Every child has the basic right to education, no matter their parentís income. It is unfair not give them the tools they need in order to succeed in life and have, at least education wise, the same chances as everyone else. This could also lead to a higher number of drop-outs as there would also be a financial reason why children would leave school without graduating.
All things considered, private education offers students a healthier and more caring environment to grow up in but would discriminate against poor families. In my opinion, schools in Romania will continue to be mostly public, as poverty and students dropping-out are serious issues our country faces.

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