Politics all around the world are a heated subject and are often brought up in media or conversation, especially since it seems like there is always something new or something changing in the political life. Seeing as this subject seems to hold such an important role, should young people be passionately and actively involved?
On the one hand, it is very important to be aware of who is representing you, both internationally and regionally. Following political events helps young people form an opinion about who they want to support and vote for based on their own interests and beliefs, rather than just what their familyís preferred candidate is or whoever comes to mind first. This would also raise the percentage of young adults that go voting and the number of informed votes, therefore, the election would better represent the country as a whole, not just older generations.
On the other hand, young people should focus on other things rather than follow the political life. Firstly, politics can often become the main interest of someone who is passionate about this subject, making them loose their hobbies, and only care about this one aspect, instead of working on creating a better life for themselves and people around them. Secondly, when people become so involved and passionate about a subject that is already very controversial, a simple conversation can lead to an aggressive argument or even violent altercation. This already happens in Romania, seeing as having a civil contradictory discussion about things that affect us isnít a focus in education of many people in this country.
All things considered, although young Romanians would be better represented, them following the political life of the country could bring damages to their lives as well as otherís. Still, more and more young adults have begun to show an interest in political events and probably the majority will follow.