In a sunny day of autumn, when I came to school, I stopped in a park with my friend, Laura to discuss the project we were going to do.         
Out of the blue, a whole team of people came to us. When they entered the park, they asked us what we were doing there and if we could help them with something.
We told them that we were dealing with a project but that we could help them. They proposed us to help with cleanliness in the park, giving us the necessary equipment. We accepted the so-called „challenge” and we went to work.
We gathered hundreds of shards and packs thrown without mercy!
After we finished , we desinfected and they asked us if we could go somewhere with them. I also said „Yesss!”
Those youngsters took us to a Mall where they photographed us and offered us a gift in which there was a diploma, a mini-trash (where you can store the debris) and a desinfectant.
We did not expect this one, more so that at the end we found out that my friend Laura and I were chosen for the Christmas raffle, where I had 90% chance of winning.
After ten days, they called me and they announced me that we had won a trip to the ECO Mountain, in China for 10 days.
Our joy, of the parents, was very big,too.
I can consider it a lucky day!!