In today’s culture,[pune virgula] an extraordinary life is presented as something doable by anyone, through all types of media where celebrities and generally accomplished people can tell their success stories, inspiring more people to desire a life similar to theirs. This has caused a fair share of controversy, leaving some questioning whether it is healthy to have such high standards for yourself.
On the one hand, having high expectations from life determines people to put more effort into their work. A desirable goal is mostly likely the best reason one would have to work as hard as possible to perfect their knowledge in their chosen field, therefore benefiting themselves but also their community or even us all, either through technological advancements, medical discoveries or perhaps, entertainment.
On the other hand, an extraordinary life is not a realistic aim to reach for. Not everyone has the possibilities, talents, connections or sheer luck that it takes to reach that point, and a majority of the people who try to aim for the stars end up not getting there.However Whereas[asta se pune in mijlocul propozitiei, nu la inceputul ei], if they were to have had smaller, reachable expectations they would have been happier. For example, an aspiring actor leaves everything behind to go to Hollywood and pursue his dreams but doesn’t get any big break and ends up........ not wanting to live anymore. He could have had a peaceful, simple, more accomplished life, if he had learned to find his ordinary life extraordinary.
All things considered, although striving for an extraordinary life can benefit both the individual and the people around them, it can also be dangerous. Nevertheless, in my opinion, people will continue to shoot for the stars, inspired by the achievements of others that are constantly presented by the media.

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