Aspiring to have a cheerful life is the natural way humans behave. This implies that one makes anything for the purpose of satisfying all their needs, including the need for self-worth. Nowadays, self-worth tends to be portrayed as having an extremely successful life: being rich and well-known by plenty of people, occupying the highest position at work. But is it really better to fight for an extraordinary life than learning to find the extraordinary ordinary life conceals?

On one hand, striving for an extraordinary life is for the good. People who have certain goals to work for are the most motivated to keep their life together. They make every effort in order to achieve the objectives they set for themselves. Many of them succeed because they have this mentality, and they surely have exceptional achievements. Furthermore, being an ‘extraordinary person’ implies building certain aptitudes such as socializing, working in a team, helping people and being able to adapt in different situations. Someone who constantly works for their success is also working to become a better person, which is certainly long-term beneficial.

On the other hand, learning how to appreciate the small but incredible things an ordinary life brings is a great approach. It implies substantially less stress and so, one develops a healthier view over life. People who think of ‘insignificant’ things as marvelous events, for example, the fact that they woke up ready to learn one day, are less disturbed and value themselves without comparing to so-called ‘better’ people. They understand happiness as a simple concept that doesn’t involve overworking in order to achieve certain titles. Focusing on the simple things ordinary life brings is a healthy way to obtain peace of mind and a general state of well-being.

All things considered, although striving for an extraordinary life motivates people to work for their goals, appreciating simple life is also an acceptable way to be at peace of mind. Nevertheless, it’s hard to decide which option is the best, as different people think differently about what a cheerful life actually is.

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