Today, politics are an important part of people's lives. [....linker]The topic of young people and if they should follow politics is a hotly debated one that often divides opinion. This essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

On the first hand, there are benefits to young people being interested in politics. No matter if someone has the age to vote or not, being involved in politics means that you take your life into your own hands. The youth is the future of  the world. There are not only few teenagers that believe the state of the country they live in is not quite favorable. Due to corruption and lies, young people view politics as something that cannot be helped. This is exactly why a younger perspective would improve what is happening right now. Times change and the world is in a continuing development. Countries are different from how they were 50 years ago, meaning that the way of leading them needs to change as well. This is why the involvement of teenagers and young adults is fundamental for better changes. Being born in an already different era from their parents, [aceasta propozitie principala trebuie sa aiba acelasi subiect ca prima parte, cea cu 'being...']problems and issues of politics are often understood much better from their perspective. We know that history helps with lessons but as for today’s life, not only the past does that but technology as well. It helps this new generation to be connected to the entire planet, making it easier than ever to see how others deal with an issue and learn from their approach.

On the other hand, there also disadvantages to young people following politics. Regardless of how much they learn from the various sources, teenagers are still children. Although the voting age is 18, that number does not represent maturity. [....linker]Politics is an important matter for the present and future of a country or even the entire world. For a young person who has yet reached a point of understanding of how politics work, ...... is useless to occupy their time with a matter that they cannot fully comprehend. [....linker]The youth is better off concentrating on individual studies and leaving politics to people with more life experience. Furthermore, for young people, following politics is not a priority. [....linker, uneste propozitiile]It is well known that school and college makes up most of the time of students, them keeping up with other such complicated matters being irrelevant for their future. If one is not interested in a career in this field, they should concentrate on their own future and save their free time for hobbies or sport that can improve their physical and mental health.

In conclusion, there are both benefits and disadvantages for young people following politics. While some believe the perspective of the youth can improve how the world is led, others think that young ones should not pay attention to these problems and focus on their personal lives and future.

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