In recent years, private schools have gained popularity in Romania due to various circumstances[tocmai asta e, in parte sensul introducerii: sa mentionezi circumstantele] and there is an ongoing debate about the benefits of transitioning to this system. As a result, people are left wondering whether education should be privatized completely or not.
On one hand, private education has its advantages. As the pay and funding come directly from the beneficiaries, both teachers and students may experience greater responsibility and diligence when it comes to their work, resulting in better results overall. Moreover, not only is the curriculum in these schools characterized by a higher degree of personalization, but it also involves more practicality[structura cu ;not only..' merge folosita pentru a contrasta doua predicate sau doua propozitii, nu doua substantive], seeing how it can keep in mind the needs of the individual students, as well as the demands of the market.
On the other hand, there are drawbacks to privatizing schools. Firstly, a country where minimal education comes at a cost is a place where the children's right to it could be violated, as would be the case[faina intorsatura asta, retine-o] with young people from low-income backgrounds. Furthermore, the unmediated relationship between teachers and parents could determine a more lenient and less authoritative conduct on the part of the former, in the attempt to ingratiate themselves with the payer.
To conclude, the opinions on the topic of privatizing schools are divided. While some people think this would improve academic performance and better prepare the children for adult life, others believe it would warrant obsequiousness from the teachers and act to the detriment of the students. Romania's development in the education department will most likely have its peaks and valleys and not finalize with a switch to private ownership, because of deeply rooted beliefs about how teaching should be done.

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