Romania’s infrastructure is a very important thing that desperately needs improvement. It affects not only how the country is seen by other countries and tourists but also it affects[te repeti] its own people. Some believe the best solution would be building highways, while others think that railways are more beneficial for the development of the country. This essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

On the one hand, highways have many benefits for Romania’s poor state. Firstly, roads open up more areas and stimulate economic and social development. It is known that in Romania, many people live outside cities, in towns that lack hospitals and schools. Highways would help by providing access to employment, social, health and education services, which makes a road network crucial in fighting against poverty for the country. Secondly, Romania faces a great threat because of its military strategic position. Due to the lack of roads, in case of a war or an invasion, Romania would not have the ability to counter any attacks. The country needs to be able to protect itself, as it’s at border with a great enemy, Russia. Furthermore, because the roads are not linked, NATO would be no help for the country as it would not be able to arrive in time to help Romania’s military repel an invasion or an incursion.

On the other hand, railways are a great help in Romania’s development as a country. Following the pattern of countries such as China and Japan that boosted that economy by investing in powerful and fast trains, Romania can learn and do the same. Not only are railways great for transporting cargo but people as well, being a cheaper alternative as well. In China, because of the practicality of the trains, the freight rate [costul transportului] is only one-fifth of air transport, as trains are much more convenient than airplanes.  Although many citizens believe the solution for faster traveling in the country are the highways, the railway is much more beneficial for them, as[risipa de cuvinte deja spuse, taie] it does not require to have...... a car, it is faster and it costs less[taie, ai mai spus]. Improving the economy as well, it is estimated that every dollar invested in bullet trains create..... 4$ in economical benefits and it also creates many jobs for the people, helping with the situation of the many unemployed people in Romania. Moreover, building railways instead of highways would reduce pollution, helping the environment too, making it a great alternative to car pollution.

In conclusion, both highways and railways would bring many benefits for the development of the country [...trebuie sa le reamintesti pe scurt], as transport is a key factor that Romania needs to improve.

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