Emigration is a very hotly debated topic nowadays since more and more people decide to leave their country. Most of the times, their decision is influenced by many factors such as the people around them or at school.  But is it necessary for teachers to influence their students to leave?
    On one hand,  teachers should encourage students to emigrate[nu chiar ca in titlu]. Based on their experience, adult... might know that there are better studies offers abroad and later teenagers will have a good chance at finding a well-paid job. On top of that, teachers also know that the studies condition outside of the country may be better, most schools having more modern labs and better structured curriculum. Moreover,  emigration at a tender age can also improve one's outlook on the country culture as well as experimenting a new culture.
    On the other hand, teachers should not encourage students to emigrate. Most of the time, children learn a lot in school and they leave, making our country lose hard-working and qualified people. On top of that, teachers should try to make children understand that there are good studies offers and work possibilities inside the country as well. In the last years, a lot more funds were given to education and our schools started getting modernized just like in other places around the world.
     In conclusion, emigration is a problem that appears a lot nowadays, [...rezuma argumentele] but the decision of leaving to another country depends on someone's abilities and future plans, teachers being just a small part on the influence that determines one...s decision

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