Day by day, I realize that external pressures me harder and harder. I realize, every day that the world is changing and unfortunately, the people we care ....about. the most, the loved ones of our hearts, in which we have the highest trust, they get to leave, leaving a big empty in our soul. Friendship begins to rely on other values, and people who really deserve to have something like this no longer have real friendship, because, in their turn, they offer everything that is best and beautiful for friends.
     I think that in this period we need more friends, because the age of adolescence  is based on this principle. For me, friendship is a holy thing, like a family. A friend must be part of you, be sincere and loving, tell you when you are wrong, boast when you succeed and if he feels he no longer wants to be your friend, not leave unannounced, tell you his decision.
     I really learned an important thing: I will have to be more reserved and not to cling so much to people, thinking that I can not stand without them. I do not regret the things I did for my friends, but I think it is time now that I take more care of myself, put on the first place.

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