In Romania, around 25 thousand bars and clubs are opened currently, thereby proving that night-life is an essential part of the economy of the country. Out of all these, very few actually employ hostesses that dance in a teasing manner. Is this a missed opportunity, or is it actually a bustling black market economy[foloseste o expresie mai general in introducere, nu o anume acuzatie concreta] something much more dangerous?

On the one hand, hostesses might be victims of human trafficking, and banning the job could potentially result in several illegal establishments being shut down. Since Romania is a brewing pot of the black markets, and many traffickers have already been committed, one could reasonably assume that women are forced to pose as legal sexual workers so the trafficker can fly under the radar. If the government would ban........ were to banhostesses of any kind, it could mean that there would be a period of confusion, where human traffickers will would look for other jobs for women they have imprisoned. In this moment in time, law enforcement could drastically reduce the illegal activities. Therefore, banning night club hostesses could be worthwhile in the long term.

On the other hand, from an economic standpoint, banning hostesses could result in a drastic decrease in morale and GDP. To prove this point, we only need to look at the clientele of most of these nightclubs: more than three quarters are male, therefore one can assume that they might enjoy the presence of female dancers, and might be willing to pay a bigger entry fee if they know that this club provides are aware of the fact that this club provides such services. Therefore, if the government were to outright ban this practice, it might halter the growth of this economic opportunity and cost Romania a lot massively in the end.

In conclusion, while it is true that men are willing to pay more so they can enjoy the presence of female hostesses in clubs, banning this practice could lead to helping many victims of human trafficking. If Romania has the opportunity to save lives, will it risk a massive increase in its GDP?

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