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cheating yay or nay

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Cheating is one of the most popular reasons why people break up, divorce, are unhappy in a relationship, or have serious thrust issues. Although it is generally viewed as a sinful and hurtfulbad thing and frowned upon, it is happening very often, and is the cause of many broken hearts, but would criminalising infidelity be a viable solution?
On one hand, criminalizing cheating has itsitís perks. Firstly, potential cheaters would be less inclined to be unfaithful if they were to be somehow punished or viewed as criminals. For example, a married woman at a bachelorette party would be less willing to go have another drink at the bartenderís flat, if she could risk her perfectly clear record which was a requirement for her well-paid job. Furthermore, infidelity is often a form of emotional abuse for the one the one being cheated on, leaving them with scars and bad self-esteem. By having the perpetrator pay for their wrongs, at least justice is served for the victim.
On the other hand, with cheating not being an option, some people might turn to more extreme types of abuse. For example, a man grows more and more frustrated by his partnerís lack of interest in a physical relationship. This frustration could lead to the man taking his anger out on his wife, or children, hurting them much more than if he were to cheat.
All things considered, although cheating is an inconsideratebad and hurtful habit, deeming it illegal might be slightly extreme, and it is questionable whether it would have a positive or negative effect. Having said that, the chances of infidelity becoming a crime are slim, considering how many people, especially people in power, have affairs.

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first off there is no yay to cheating
second of all you can't say slightly extreme because then hitler was just SLIGHTLY extreme


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » cheating yay or nay