Nowadays, it seems that meaningful relationships are becoming very rare. The main reason for this silent dissap....earance is the fact that people cheat on their partners. Infidelity causes many couples to break up, no matter what stage the relationship is in. These being said, would criminalising cheating be a good solution?
On the one hand, criminalising cheating would be beneficial. First of all, this action would have an impact on the entire society: it would firmly establish that cheating is immoral. [uneste propozitiile astea]Adultery makes the other person go through a great deal of pain. It impacts their self esteem for a large amount of time; it is, essentially, emotional abuse, and it definitely should be criminalised. In addition, if infidelity would be properly punished, people wouldn’t commit it as much, out of fear. 
On the other hand, criminalising cheating would be too extreme. Firstly, there will be no chances to reunite. Many people make mistakes but have a joyful relationship with their partner even after they had an affair, through understanding and, perhaps, couple therapy. Punishing one’s spouse would only bring hate and anger. Families, for example, would be completely broken if one parent puts the other one in jail. Secondly, punishing one for com.....itting adultery will have an impact on their entire life: they will have a record and will be labelled as cheaters forever. It is too high a price to pay for such a ...........[adjectiv] mistake.
All things considered, with the moral impact and with all the benefits criminalising adultery would bring, it is hard to say whether this would be the best solution or not, knowing there are downsides as well. However, ..........[pe ce te bazezi?] it looks like things will not change any soon and people will continue to have affairs.

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