From my point of view , I truly think that movies beat video games when it comes to personal development of people , because in my childhood I didn't use to play a lot of video games as I used to consider them a waste of time and I always preferred sports .
On one hand , playing video games very much throughout your life can affect your health . In general people start playing video games because they have nothing better to do but the more they play , the more they get into games and the more addictive they become . And as you get into games and you become addictive it becomes like a disease , a disease you can't get rid of and it comes with social isolation , sudden changes of disposition and exhaustion.
On the other hand , movies have more benefits in personal development because  they can form you as a person . Watching movies develops your ability of forming a personal opinion about things and maybe even the ability of writing reviews . Furthermore people can also improve their language skills , like improving their english or another foreign language they want to learn or improving their vocabulary. People can also improve their knowledge watching documentaries or movies based on real historical events.
All things considered , I really believe that movies have more benefits than video games from the point of view of personal development.