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Unexpected help

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I remember like 6 years ago, one of my cousins was 16. His passion was biology and he wanted to become a doctor. He was a brilliant student at the Negruzzi highschool. Unfortunately, he has kind of poor he could not afford any private lessons to help him understand chemistry. He knew that without knowing a lot of chemistry he would not be able to get to Faculty of Medicine and he was very disappointed.
  Mircea Nedea teacher saw that he had a lot of passion and determination and he decided that he will teach my cousin chemistry for free. My cousin was very happy that that teacher wanted to teach him, so he started studying a lot of chemistry.
  Finally the day had come for him to take the exam, and because of the theacher that prepared him he took the exam with a very big grade.
  Last week he finished the college and he is now a doctor in a hospital. He works in the intensive care department. He has a family, a daughter. He is very thankful to the teacher that helped him.



That free lessons was a bit unexpected to be honest, in fact never thought about it, great view of the story, it seems like you've actually been there for him when he needed somebody, great job !



I had a friend just like yours some years ago who was struggling to pass at math and he was in 8th grade and he had a really hard exam to pass. So my math teacher who was a very kind person volunteered to help him and finally my friend manage to pass the exam and now he's in colege.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Unexpected help