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Should Romania and Moldova unite

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The union of Romania with Moldova has always been a controversial subject that has aroused contradictory opinions and reactions, after the separation of the two after the Second World War.
In my opinion, a union of the two states would be a good thing for both countries and their citizens.
On the one hand, Romania and Moldova have always had a close connection, and their history is common, even though they are now different states. A big Romania like the one from the interwar period would do justice to the two neighboring countries.
Also, a union of Romania with Moldova would be beneficial from several points of view: politically, economically, militarily as it would form a large and powerful state with a greater significance in Europe and in the world.
On the other hand, for Romania it might be a small step back as Moldova is a net inferior economic, cultural or infrastructural country. So, Romania should "work" until it brings Moldova to the whole country.
In conclusion, a union of the two states would be a good thing for both countries, especially Moldova and Romania will have to strive to raise Moldova at the level of the whole country.



the two were indeed separated after WW2, Russia took Moldavia in 1812, so I'm afraid that is wrong :)
you have good topic sentences, but you do not explain them thoroughly, and I suggest you would. The ideas are good, but I have to make up the explanation in my head, which is a problem in any essay. Furthermore, it feels like you just reiterated your points again and again, and the for and against format is not respected: the "pro" side has way more arguments than the "against" side.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should Romania and Moldova unite