Breastfeeding in public is one of the big problems and one of the most controversial actions in our society because of different opinions on this subject.
In my opinion,breastfeeding in public should not be a problem and mothers should not be judged by others when feeding their infants, especially since this can be very important for child development.
On the one hand, breastfeeding is a natural thing and every person has been in the situation of needing to be fed by its mother in inappropriate moments back in the time.
A mother can not stop her child from crying if he is hungry if he does not feed it.
A child does not know when is the right place or the right time to be hungry. Babies can't wait to eat, like older people can.
On the other hand, many people stand by the idea that it might be disturbing for others and it represents a form of public nudity. They tend to give looks and comment on women feeding their kids in public because some things should be kept private and not done in public. This cause is protected by law in many countries all around the world like African, European, American and Asian states, but many people disapprove of it.
At the same time, I think that mothers should be calmer and more understanding, because every man has his opinion, and some simply cannot understand certain things.
In conclusion, breastfeeding in public shoulda not be a problem bacause is a natural thing that can count enormously in the development of the baby.