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Teachers should encourage students emigrate

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The emigration of young Romanians has become a problem because of its size and the significant loss of active intelligence. Teachers are often the ones who try to stop the students, trying to show them the outlook of their system, but there are some teachers who encourage their students to study on board and agree with them.
Firstly, teachers must share information about the possibilities offered to a student from another country, as not all Romanian faculties have the necessary technologies for training. Romanian universities emphasize theoretical and boring study in exchange for a practical application.
Secondly, because a good teacher knows about the perspectives from abroad and about the importance of another type of experience required by each individual. Often, people who have emigrated have succeeded in forming themselves as a personality. It is important to point out that, after some studies abroad, a very large percentage of people return to their country.
In conclusion, I believe that a teacher should inform others about the possibilities that exist outside the country, but at the same time encourage them to stay in Romania.



nice message but i think your essay is a little bit too short. and also not all the people that go abroad for studies are satisfied with what they receive. maybe you should've stretched your essay with this idea because there are a lot of things that need to be pointed out in this topic. but overall your essay is good, a little short but good.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Teachers should encourage students emigrate