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Child labour in the clothing industry

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In a civilized world and ruled by preachy concepts, care for physical, mental and emotional health of children had become a fighting strategy, country policy and this fact is the focus of some international treaties.
            Considering the fact that in the 21-st century children are still and in jobs that are designed for adults, this is a subject that creates discussions and debates at international conferences, and thatís why treaties such as The International Convention of Child Rights.
            Considering the lock of discerning and the need to survive, children are easily attracted in the employers trap, which uses recruitment techniques and force minors to work moonlighting, a lot of hours per day and in horrible places. Apart from the fact that the legislation doesnít accept such acts, children are abused, mistreated and exposed to psychological and chemical factors, and there are many dangers when using some machinery that they are forced to use. For the employer this means profit growth, since they are not paying any taxes and they donít give the minors a fair payment.
            A solution might be that the countries which import clothes and aware of this situation must impose an embargo which will slowly stop this way of slavery. But it can be hard to approve with all those international treaties which need to be strictly respected, any diplomatically attack can cause international conflicts.
           The only solution are international conventions which will establish coercive measures against those who use children in works who are designed for adults or those with work capacity.
           In Romania children rights are followed and there are campaign for creating decent conditions. Romanian state policy prohibits hiring and using workforce of those who are under 16.
           All facts consider the parliament should write a legislation which will forbidden the marketing of clothes made in countries where children are forced to work.



If every country stops importing clothes made in countries where children work, the children will get kicked out by the employer and adults will work instead, but we have to remember that most of the children who work there are in desperate need of money to buy food, so if you kick them, life will be harder than it already was.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Child labour in the clothing industry