In the 21-th century, internet has become almost a reflex for most people which have the possibility to access an information system. The internet has become all of all of the sudden the substitute for the doctor, the teacher and so on. With a single „click”, anyone can find out every political and social events, the concerts of the big stars, and everything artistic held at Metropolitan Opera, Covent Garden, Scalla from Milano, Vienna Stattsopera or Bolshoi Teathre.
The Internet has broth us closer to the sporting events, the Olympics, circus shows. Nowadays anyone can have a virtual teacher who will talk and teach them; an astrologist who can read the signs; a designer who can choose their outfits, and so on.
With the help of the internet people can book a flight with plane, schedule a vacation, and find out the weather all around the world for short, medium or long term.
The internet is as present in our life as air and also as necessary, and if something happened and these is no signal everyone panics as if it is the end of the world.
That’s why, specialists with in large right institutions from all around the world should conceives a legislative text which will plan this discovery at a high rank, to „give” it a place of honor and the internet to be consider a human right.
Life has become unthinkable without internet and as long as the positive effect will dominate the less positive part, internet access should be recognize as an acquired right, with the restriction and indication that all right have.

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