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Should boys and girls be raised with the same values

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It is known that, in the past, boys and and girls used to be raised with different values. It can be noticed that, as  time passes, the society’s values change and, at the same time, the values of raising children changes.
Om the one hand, It is important that boys and girls are raised with the same values in order to respect the gender equality. Therefore, both genders should be raised to be respectful towards the others, should learn to respect each other, they should be motivated to offer help and support.
Boys and girls should not feel undermined or empowered by their gender and should be raised in such a way that they do not display any gender discrimination.
On the other hand, there are important factors to highlight regarding the way of raising boys and girls; it is known that each gender is expressing their feelings and is displaying their behaviour in different manners which can be influenced by their gender. Therefore, the girls may be more sensitive, may need more meaningful conversations and more attention to their needs; the boys may be expressing their feelings differently, throughout their actions, or in a more masculine way.
However, this depends on each individual and it is important to raise boys and girls depending on their own needs and their own personality traces.

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very nice message u got there but the fact that it kind of feels like the whole essay is very i don t know how to call it , distant? not very on your preferred topic? i don t know maybe it s just me i dont know shit. hope i didnt offend u and peace


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should boys and girls be raised with the same values