Today I learned that true friendships donít exist. Today I learned that appearances cheat on the character of the one next to you. Today I learned that only the family wants you well and deserves your trust. I will tell you why I came to believe this. Today, while I was walking to the store, an old friend stopped me and asked me what I do. I answered him and he wondered if there were some things that my best friend would have told him. .... knew my best friend did not talk... to him, the more she said he did not support him. I found out that she ..... told her some personal things that I did not want anyone to know. I asked her to keep my secrets and she told me that nobody would ever know. How do you think I felt at that moment? I felt so disappointed I went away and started crying. When I got home, I sent a message with tears in my eyes and I told her how much she .... disappointed me. At that moment, I realized the only real bestfriend was my mother and she could never do any harm to me. Since then I can say that I can not trust anyone anymore and I prefer not to tell anyone my secrets.

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