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Unexpected help.

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There is a seafaring story that says that on a clear September day somewhere in a port in Canada, a fisherman was preparing his boat for a fishing expedition that would last 3 days. Once the waves were favorable, the fisherman raised the anchor and started offshore. The bad luck meant that on that first day he did not meet any prey, thus being forced to land without cargo. The next day he sailed on a longer road in the hope that he would find a fish bench. As they got closer and closer to the port, the sailor had lost hope and began to calculate the money he had lost in this unsuccessful expedition. But the captain was awakened from his thoughts when the sentry announced the presence of a fish bank. Gladly the captain ordered the sailors to follow the bank with the nets in the water, but he quickly realized that his ship was too slow to catch those fish. disappointed by this new misfortune the captain was preparing to order the pursuit to stop but without any warning the bank changed direction and headed directly to the fisherman's nets. Surprised by this, the captain did not know what to believe when he saw a vertical jet of water in front of him, it was a whale. It seems that a whale was around when the bank ran away from the sailor and tried to attack the bank. Because of the fear of the huge animal, it forgets what is behind it and sticks in the fishermen's nets. The astonished captain could only thank the gods for this unexpected help.



very cool story. i need to admit that the whole time i read your story i thought that is going to be a horror story but to my surprise it s not. i have nothing to say. cool story. stay in school. peace and bye


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Unexpected help.