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Breastfeeding in public

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There are many problems in today's world, some of them are about religion, other about culture difference, others about feminism. But there is still a controversial thing regarding the breastfeeding in public. Some of the people think that it shouldn't be allowed, some think that it should, that is why it's so controversial.
In my opinion, breastfeeding in public shouldn't be allowed, because its not appropriate for a mother's intimate duty to be done in public.
First of all, babies should be breastfeeded at home, because it's for the best for their hygiene and safety. If the baby pukes at home, there shouldn't be any big problems, because the problem can be solved by cleaning it. If that happens in public, then it would be embarrassing, and also it could make you feel responsible for the babie's mess.
Second of all, babies should be feeded in the public straight from the milk-bottle, so that it could be easier for the mother and also for the baby.
In conclusion, breastfeeding in public shouldn't be banned, but it should also not be recommended, because it could cause many problems not only for the baby and the mother, but also for the other people in the public.



i don t agree with your idea but everyone has a different opinion so no big deal am i right? what i got to say is that you composition is a little bit short. you could've stretched it out a bit.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Breastfeeding in public