Today's world is influenced by many thing, especially technology. The movie industry is taking over and video games are bought more and more from the stores, and game centres... Even though these are 2 big reasons why the community is going crazy about social media and the Internet, they are really different from one another.
First of all, the movie industry is bigger than the videogame industry because it is very entertaining to see a good film who could be awarded with a big prize or even the biggest one, the Oscar! Video games are not like that, you need to do the work, not the screen itself, but even though that might be a little bit "boring", that is why it is so entertaining!
Second of all, video games are better in form of entertainment than movies, because you are the one who can change the destiny of the story, the one who is controlling the main hero, and the one who is in charge of barely anything.
In conclusion, movies and video games represent a different form of entertainment, both having a distinct ways of entertaining people!