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Responsibility for posting online

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In these days the responsibility for posting online is not taken seriously, as it should be, especially by children and teenagers. Social media apps represents the drugs of today's generation. The premise followed by the majority of young people is that if you have a happy life online, you have a happy life in reality too.
          Bacause every teenager wants validation from others, they post an inapproapriate content, inadequate photographies or private data. A relevant example that denotes the irresponsibility is when you write things about your family, when you post your phone number, when you specify where you study and many others.
          Regardless of your privacy settings, keep in mind that anything can possibly be seen by anyone at any time, even by that person that you didn't want to see it. Think before you post!



We live in a truly dangerous world, the online world being one of the most dangerous places in the social media. Through online interaction, you can even get kidnapped, sold online or even killed. That is why we are all responsible for our actions on the Internet.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Responsibility for posting online