Breastfeeding in public is a very controversial problem these days. Some persons think that is a disgusting action to feed your infant on the streed or in the bus station.
I believe that breastfeeding in public should not be an impediment for people to mind their own business for a number of reasons.
To begin with the fact that breastfeeding is a natural thing and every person has been in the situation of needing to be fed by its mother in inappropriate moments back in the time. For example, a new mother can not stop her child from crying if he is hungry. If that happens in a public place, the mother should not wait untill she gets home, this thing would be cruel for both of them.
Furthermore babies should not have to be in pain from hunger or eat in the restroom. A new born child does not know when is the right place or the right time to be hungry. Babies can't wait to eat, like older people can.
Even so some persons are completely disgused by this actual problem in our society, I think that breastfeeding in public is not public nudity, is not something that young mothers should be ashamed about.