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It's a miracle!

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Thirty-five years ago, my grandmother was thirty, married and had two children.Due to a wrist pain, she went to do a medical checkup. after a few more detailed tests, the doctor told her that she had polyarthritis. He explained that this is an incurable disease that affects the joints, bearing eroding and destroying them.
Unfortunately at that time there was no medicine for this disease so the disease progressed very quickly in a very short time.  So Therefore she had to stay in bed all day and she was in terrible pain.
After a few years, after the disease had progressed a lot, she underwent several operations, putting prosthetics on both knees and both hips.My grandfather helped her a lot during that time and went to the hospital every day to see her and buy her all the medicines she needed.
She prostheses Her prosthesis greatly reduced mobility so she had to carry a cane permanently and she could not perform several moves. She was very discouraged especially because she has a very energetic personality and this disease blocks blocked her from moving too much.
Because of the fact that a prostheses prosthesis from the knee had beared eroded , she had to do a knee surgery again. She did this surgery a few weeks ago and she is now recovering. Itís a miracle that she is still very happy full of joy, and thankful of every day of her life.

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Well I am happy for your grandmother but I can't say the same thing about the bother of my grandfather. He died from this few months ago in very much pain after losing his both legs in turn so I'm glad she didn't suffer like him.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » It's a miracle!