Should the United Nations declare access to the internet a basic human right so that it becomes a priority, like the right to equality, education, freedom of opinion, marriage and work?
  I personally think that everyone should have access to internet even though at this moment only a half of world's population is able to access the internet . I consider that the internet access is part of the right of free expression and is as important as every other fundamental human right  because the internet provides very many ways of both artistic expression and basic expression of opinion.
  On one hand , in today's society we can use internet for almost everything as it is a source of information much easier to use . We can associate the right of access to internet with the right of education very easily because whoever doesn't have access to school education can wants to learn can do it online for free , same thing for the ones who want to learn more than what they do at school. In general most of the young people use it because it's easier for them than reading a book and you can find very fast what interests you . Also you can read the news on the internet instead of buying the newspapers and it's free.
  On the other hand , one of the most important human rights , the right of free expression and opinion is associated with the internet access . Among young people apps like Facebook , Instagram or TikTok are very popular and almost everyone use........... them . Apps like those can be used for artistic expression too  , you can post artistic photos or just basic photos with yourself , you can really express yourself in any way you want  and  you can socialize with whoever you want . On the internet you actually have complete freedom on the way you want to express yourself.
  All things considered, at least the big countries of the world should begin to ensure that Internet access is broadly available for all the basic people and the access to internet should be at least recognize as a fundamental human right .

paragraful "On the other hand...." nu vine sa argumenteze de partea opusa, ci tot in sprijinul accesului la internet - not ok

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