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The person that nobody likes

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A disgusting person for me is the postman in my sector.
Since I was a child I not liked him.He has a sizzling look full of badness and his face is always red and swollen because of alcohol consumption, I guess. When you meet him, he starts to criticize and gossip about everybody and everything. You can suddenly wake up with him in the yard, in the house or garden.This postman wants to know everything that happens in your life, what things you have in the house or what is your occupation. They say that before the 1990s he constantly reported to the police about everything he saw in people's houses.
Even animals can recognize the postman's badness.My puppy Toby is gentle, joyful and he wants to be stroked by everybody.I think sometimes he is too kind with the people around him, but when he sees the postman, the nice dog turns into a barking, worrying dog which wants to bite him. His reaction says more then a thousand words. All the  people who talk to this postman  don’t have a thing good to say about him. Beside being a bad person, who does harm to others,   he  shamelessly asks for a tip. He expects the others to speak decently and civilized with him, otherwise he would make up a story , an unpleasant story about you.
My grandmother had a good saying: “Even a dog can't stand a bad man” and I think these words describe best this postman.

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Animals feel most of the time if a person is good or bad or has good or bad intentions. Animal owners, especially dog ​​owners, are very fortunate because they can have some trusted friends who can feel the character of people so you know who are the dangerous people.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The person that nobody likes