Today I went to the store to buy some chips and coke. While I was queuing I started to get on the phone and after two seconds, the cashier called me and told me that if I won't move faster I' ll be sorry. "but sorry for what, I did not do anything wrong?".I got to the cashier and when .................... to remove my wallet and see what? My wallet is gone, all my money, the ID-card, the legitimacy at the library ... everything was gone. I saw black in front of my eyes. I searched everywhere, in all my pockets and nothing again.
Cashier: .......... Good that you take my time and put all of my costumers to be patient when they are run of time!
Me: Thank God I finally found it. It was in my pocket all the time ...but I searched there and it wasn't there. Nevermind, take it! Take my money so I can live!
After that experience, I never get into that shop because I didn't want to be agressed anymore. It was a miracle that I found my wallet and the cashier didn't hit me.

povesteste doar la timpul trecut, nu oscila intre trecut si prezent

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