In the sixth seasons of the AMC tv series "The Walking Dead" a new negative character emerges . He's called Negan and is presented to be the leader of a very large group called The Saviors . In that apocalyptic universe the saviors were exploiting the other communities taking their food and goods in exchange for protection , more accurately if they stopped paying to the saviors  they would get attacked and one or two of their people would get killed but never more because Negans says that "people are a resource" . So while Rick was trying to build Alexandria , to make it a home for everyone and to make it hold Negan was using the people who were working for him in "The Sanctuary" , the home of the saviors , to exploit other settlements for supplies . Negan was a constant threat to Alexandria even before he arrived there , so Rick made a deal to kill the saviors . After Rick wipes out one of the saviors's outpost Negan gets angry and catch Rick and his group , he kills 2 of Rick's best friends beating them to death with a baseball bat and forces Rick to make a deal for the other's lives so Rick has to give weekly half of everything Alexandria have to the saviors and he promises to Negan he is going to kill him . By that , all of Rick's hopes for the future got shattered and he realizes that unless he kills Negan there will be no future . Upon the first arrival of Negan and the saviors at Alexandria they take all the guns and drugs to put Rick in difficulty, all the mattresses that they set on fire on the road in front of Alexandria by Negan's order , typical thing for him as he wants to impose himself and his authority, but  he doesn't take any of their food to show them he doesn't need it so  all he wants is to piss them off and make Rick pay for what he did . Rick doesn't accept Negan's system and goes with Michonne out to find guns, that he is gonna share with a group of mercenaries he made a deal with . At the next arrival of the saviors at Alexandria Rick wants to fight Negan but he gets betrayed by the mercenaries who made a better deal with the saviors and this time Negan chose Carl , Rick's son , to kill as he wants to make an example of him .When Negan is about to kill Carl , Maggie's people from Hilltop and Ezekiel's people from The Kingdom including his lion Sheilla rush inside of Alexandria and stop Negan but somehow he gets away. The big difference between Rick and Negan is that when Rick gets trouble everybody goes to help him as he was a true friend and he was loved by everybody  , but Negan has trouble he has people to help him as he has no friends and inspires fear to everybody . As the battle for Alexandria is won Rick and all the people from Alexandria , Hilltop , The Kingdom and Oceanside ( a new settlement they discovered full just with women , full of hate for the saviors as in the past all their men got killed by them) go after Negan wanting finish him but they got ambushed , and Negan has the opportunity to kill them all . When he gives the order all the saviors's guns explode as they have been sabotaged by Rick's "trojan horse" , his inside man, Eugene who made all the bullets to explode inside the guns. With no guns and no chances of winning the saviors surrender but not Negan , who tries to escape . Negan runs away but Rick catch him , pierce him with a knife and can leave him to bleed out but he doesn't. After all the promises Rick made to Negan to kill him he decides to spare his life because he reminded what he promised to his son , Carl , when he died trying to help someone he didn't even know .
As he promised to do better and to try to make peace with Negan after all he did  he keeps his promise and shows that everyone can change saying "My mercy prevails over my wrath" .

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