I was moving to a new school like 3 years ago. I met new colleagues and i made new friends.

                One of my colleague couldn't walk for 5 years and he had no hope he can walk again. I was really sad about his problem and i didn't thought i can do something about this. I just tryied to talk and ask him how happened that he couldn't walk. He said he had a car accident 5 years ago when he was in way to school. He also said that his doctor said he never can walk again. I stopped talking and i left.

                On 15th december he missed school and i never saw him until 25th January, when he came at school on his own legs. I was really surprised how he did that and before asking him, he said that his legs was healed and he can walk again.

               It's a miracle hearing that, after he said he couldn't walk again ever!