Me and my friends decided to go to a cave that we .......... found it in the mounains one day before. I was so excited to explore it, and i couldn't wait to see every cool things that are hidden there. We didn't really found find it, i knew it from for a long time ago, but i wanted to get me friends with me. It was like 4 years since i didn't  see haven't seen it and i really wanted to see how what it looks like now.
           When we get got to the cave, i was really disappointed of how the cave ....had.... changed. All the ice .....has..... melted and ........ almost can't couldn't even enter the cave. I was embarassed because i said it's a nice looking cave and they saw this and i learnt that I need to check first how the thing looks like before getting other people there.

          However, the trip was great and we started to know each other better.

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