In our days, a new problem, that had appeared in our society 30 years ago and has many ties with the past is the problem of Moldova-Romania Reunification. This is a main goal of Romanian nationalist....... and patriots and, all in all, of a part of ........ Romanian society to bring together, or, as they say, to "reunite" the two sides  on the river Prut in a unitary state, a dream that was stolen, they believe, by some historical injustices. On the other hand, today in the Republic Moldova or the former MSSR (Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic) live various people - like Romanian, "Moldovans", Russophile Russians,Ukrainians and Gagauz people, that share different opinions and joined, during the history, different sides in long or short conflicts. It's a very complicate....... situation related to these things, and this question depends by the circumstances of the future and the good coexistence among people.
I think that  reunification of Romania and Moldova would not be possible, because of the Romania, that is part of EU, a... organization that doesn't agree ..... any annexation of foreign and sovereign territories, as they think. But, in other situations, if the citizens of these two states would wish.... it, it were possible, but only with a big struggle. Despite of ....... political situation the two countries share both a common cultural heritage, the contacts between us and Moldovans being higher than theirs with other people, from Ukraine and Russia.  Us connects a long common history, many relatives on the both riversides, the same language, the same customs. However, there in Moldavia many mixed marriages between Russians and Moldovan have been built, and this is a..... explanation,  why Moldova should be still neutral and independent in this time.
The unification process is a noble purpose, but it is a subject of the past, because Romania had signed a number of treaties that made it impossible. Also this requires the free and full willing of Moldavian People and of the other inhabitant nation...... that don't want to live in Romania. As Woodrow Wilson said 100 years ago, "Self-determination is not a mere phrase. ........ Is a imperative principle of action."

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