The media is deeply affecting us because it is a constant presence in our lives. Other institutions may have a stronger impact, but not one that is so persistent and deep. Online posting is a huge risk that we are exposed to.
    From my point of view, posting online is not a big problem when what you post is within the limits of common sense, not to attract attention through indecency or deplorable things. Of course, mistakes will be made to everyone.
    Firstly l, posting online is like a book for your person. Whatever you post, share, etc. describes you, giving others around you information about you. It is very important what you post and what you add to the location and description. Girls were lured and then taken and raped. The attention must be deep.
    Secondly, the relationships of friendship or why not lovers related through online are extraordinarily dangerous. With a click you can find what you are looking for or even more. Decent and unexposed is very important. You have to think a lot about the image you create and what you want people to believe about you.
    In conclusion post but be careful, anything can happen. And it's your responsability to be everything alright.