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Should Romania and Moldova unite - CHEAT

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The Republic of Moldova and Romania have had an extremely complicated relationship since the declaration of independence of Moldova in 1991. Pan-Romanianism has been a coherent part of the Moldovan policy, and was adopted by the People's Front of Moldova in its platform from 1992. Romania's relations with The Republic of Moldova has been tightened since 1994. Most of the territory that today forms the Republic of Moldova was part of Romania during the interwar period and linguists, in general, agree that the Moldovan language is identical to the Romanian one.
    From my point of view as a teenager, near the age of maturity when political issues should satisfy my interest, joining with Moldova is not a problem or a bother. Or I'm not aware of the consequences that could be.
   Firstly , the mother tongue of both states is Romanian. So the language makes the brotherly connection. We are all people, the only thing that makes the difference is the country that in recent years has represented a common point of interest of the great leaders of Romania and Moldova.
   Secondly, WHY NOT? Did Moldovans go wrong with us? I don't  believe. I think the only problem that comes up is Russia. Moldova is the fatal combination between Romania and Russia.
The people there are some nice people, others cold and distant but mostly, good people with great soul.
   In conclusion, uniting Romania with Moldova can be a great move.

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In my opinion, even if Moldova and Romania Unite, they will still have their own cultures. Both countries have good, friendly people, but even though they could be united, both countries wouldn't be able to share the same cultures and traditions. Yes, Moldova and Romania can unite, but there is a small number of reasons of why they should do that.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Should Romania and Moldova unite - CHEAT