How do you identify a car guy?

  Well car guys are intelligent, creative, fun, organised and careful, but if you clicked this you want to find out more.
  First of all car guys are intelligent because they love cars but they like women the creativity part takes place when he needs new fun way to make and mount something on their car, they are very creative cuz they don't always need the rignt tool for the job. They are so organised that they always know where they put their tools and sockets with the exception of the number 10. Car guys also care a lot about their cars [even if the cars are a cauldron/pan(cazan/tigaie)] and they pour a lot of money and time in them. Just try to scratch his car and you will find your way to the hospital with your legs broken. On the other hand non-car guys spend a lot of money on other things (Girls, PC Games, Drugs, Alchool, Bikes and other toxic shits) and you will  find your way to the hospital if you touch their balls (you know what I mean).
  There are multiple types of car guys:
    1. The broke one
        (This is the one that doesn't have a lot of money and has a cauldron which he respects and loves more than anything.)                   ( . Y . )
    2. The one with a coffin and money
        (This is the one who has an older car but invests in it like it is the Bitcoin crisis.)
    3. The rich one
        (This is the one with an expensive car but doesn't like to use it.)
    4. The bold eagle one
        (This is the one with an expensive car but modifies the shit out of it.)
    5. The mastermind behind the masterpiece 
        (This is the one that you would think robbed the bank to build his car.)

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