Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you to complain about a dinner my family and I had at your restaurant. We ate there on 4th of December, and we sat on the table with the number “5”. We are displeased of with a number of issues during this dinner.
Firstly, one of my parents ordered oven-made smoked ribs, but he received oven-made non-smoked ribs. Afterwards, he complained about this situation to the waiter, and asked for the dish he ...had....... initially ordered. Ultimately Eventually, the waiter apologized, telling us that there were no ribs left.
Secondly, my sister ordered a “Caesar Salad”, that which was supposed to contain “green salad, arugula, tomatoes, cheese, olives and olive oil”, but the dish she received was containing contained only green salad, tomatoes and olive oil. When she complained to the waiter, he said that the menu ..has........ changed just a few days before, so the personnel didn’t have time to change its physical format. Besides this, my family and I consider that the actual price of the “Caesar Salad” of $8 should be reduced due to the reduction of its ingredients.
My family and I trust that you will take our complaint into account and give us a reasonable explanation.
Thank you in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Crystal Heyes

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