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Breastfeeding in public

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In my opinion I think that breastfeeding should be a very good thing and I think that we should not be ashamed of. Breastfeeding itís something normal like I want to Eat something at the mall,in the same time  a mother with her baby goes to eat something at the mall and  the baby cannot eat food like me or her  so the baby needs the special food from their mum. Women has the rights to feed  baby at the maul in the public space because she wants to relax the baby needs his food and where is the problem if a woman shows her breast we donít have to think about breasts are something sexual something for the baby that is very important part of the human body letís stop thinking about the body parts in a sexual way. So what if you see one man who is breastfeeding her baby do not tell her something like cover up you not shamed about what youíre doing why she has to be afraid or ashamed .your child than the ones to eat in the give tantrums and the screen you should be ashamed that you ask that because itís something normal to breastfeed and we should go out of the box that you cannot do some stuff in Romania because we are Judge mental letís stop this because breastfeeding is not just. The only problem letís not forget about racism LGBT and we still are not over it so letís make a change in start with little steps step one letís be normal about breastfeeding because it is very normal and we shouldnít be ashamed and we shouldnít ask or say something I donít want to woman women because they are just doing their



I think you are right. Women should not be ashamed to feed their baby in public. Breastfeeding is a natural process and people should open their minds. This is a controversial problem, beside others (like LGBT, racism, bullying and so on).


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Breastfeeding in public